The Group Strategy Story

Group Strategy have been providing facilitation services to Australian and New Zealand organisations for seven years.

We facilitate all types of meetings and workshops.  Our specialities are business model innovation,  strategic planning, business improvement and issues resolution.

Based in Canberra we are highly skilled at creating collaborative outcomes using visual tools for brainstorming with teams.  Our approach is to generate actionable plans with a consensus framework.

Our tools include governance systems which foster action and generate outcomes.

Best of all we break down the paradigms associated with these activities and make sessions fun for all.

Importantly, at the end of our workshops participants feel ownership of the decisions reached and in our experience therefore contribute to successful implementation of the decisions.

Our successful approach is demonstrated through our repeat engagements for our clientele and our word of mouth referrals.

Our facilitators have many years of experience in all types of businesses, government, private, small, large and not for profit.

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